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My Story

I have always wanted to be my own boss. To provide a great life for my family but didn't know how to do that..

In 1996 just about when the web started growing, I was attracted to building websites, anything to do with the internet/online.

It never resonated with me working for others, so when I saw the possibilities of being able to create an income stream online, whether that was by helping local businesses with marketing, or ecommerce, CPA marketing I was very excited to get into this new world.

I started learning all I could about marketing, advertising etc. but I hit a wall every time, see every guru was teaching the same material almost hashed out the same info which produced very little results.

Over the years I have invested over $30,000+ and made a few dollars back, not nearly enough to clear money owed to credit cards, which made the it for a not so happy home, spouse angry😡 , and hesitant to try other programs.

My lowest point - was when I had to go back working fulltime which took me away from my new born kids and family, and limited my income.


The Breakthrough

Unfortunately for me, I am too stubborn to give up (in). And I'm so glad that I didn't.

At my lowest point, a real mentor showed up, and gave me a different blueprint to follow.

Since what I was doing was failing I had no problem running with what ever he suggested.

"Stop copying other affiliates & marketers out there, .. he said if your just like everybody else, you're going to get what they get.. .nothing, no results...

Which made a lot of sense considering everything they told me didn't work, So I began to follow a different model. (you can find out more about this model which is taught in great detail in this free masterclass here.)

In the next 90-120 days, I became the #1 income earner in the same company I was failing for months on end. Same company ..Same product ... Same compensation plan... I was now generating more income than some make a year, simply promoting other company's product!

Finally, The Great Life!

People are always trying to down play that money isn't important, they do this either cause they don't have money or don't want to put in the work to create a lifestyle for themselves (it's called justifying). Truth is money does make life more enjoyable! :)

Making more money enabled me to provide for my family, provided many more options, totally eliminated wife stress (money worries).

I don't know about you, but for me - being able to have more for charities, helping others in need, do what I want when I want without any financial limitations makes me a whole lot happier!

By following the blueprint inside, my income more than doubled, and my life has completely changed for the better & I absolutely want this for everyone to experience.!

I went from zero to making as much as $30,000+ per month simply by selling other companies products as an independent affiliate.

And that was just the beginning.

My Vision & Mission

The word started getting out, friends and family wanted to know more of what i was doing.

I started with a few friends, but things gained momentum very fast and things exploded from there.

EVERYBODY deserves to be successful,

and success should be automatic, success is just a direct

result of following the right blueprints.

At this moment, I'm on a mission to help my fellow man to create the dream lifestyle online one that generates a consistent reliable income and enables them to live life the way they want to.

We have thousands of life-changing stores from ordinary, everyday people who were able to change their lives by following this proven business model.

What Is It You Want?

My dear friend, look...

If you're reading this, and any of it resonates with you...

If you're tired of working for the "man", or just scrapping by, and want more for your family or legacy.

But you don't know where to start..

Maybe you've tried many different things like myself only to fall flat on your face and spend so much $$$ getting no where.. But you know in your heart you deserve better and know you can do it, if you just had the right training or mentor.

So my question to you is, If your sick and tired of the roller coaster ride and want off, ready for a breakthrough...

I can help you, just like I was helped.

I'm gonna keep this very simple - I'm inviting you to attend the free masterclass. I will give you the blueprint that changed my life - no fluff, zero-nonsense.

This just might be the very thing you have been looking for.

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